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RP Journal for Finvarra, King of the Daoine Sidhe.

Finvarra is, according to Celtic Myth, the King of the Daoine sidhe. That said, I am taking him from both Celtic Myth and O. R. Melling's book The Chronicles of Faerie: The Hunter's Moon, which provides a mish-mash of characteristics and powers. Fin has the appearance of your averge young white male; he has pale skin, and black hair cut in a choppy swing (let's be honest, it's an emogoth haircut) around his face, though his eyes are otherworldly in their tone of blue-black, like a starless sky. This is his default appearance, and it's safe to assume he looks like this unless otherwise stated. It's also safe to assume Finvarra is armed with at least a knife, though it will usually be hidden and him using it offensively is rare.

He has several forms of magic at his disposal, the most common of which is Glamour, with which he can make animals and change the appearance of any given thing or person (the latter of which I will only do after contacting the player). The making of animals has two facets; he can make an illusionary animal, which looks and acts like a real creature insofar as both Finvarra is concentrating on it and the audience doesn't have a supernaturally enhanced ability to see through illusions, and he can make a 'real' animal, a creation, which will function after he has stopped concentrating on it, just like a normal animal would. The differences between these two are not immediately obvious to any creature not attuned to magic.

Being a Sidhe, Fin can shapeshift into several types of animal: a stag, a dog (here I'm using a Russian wolfhound), and a serpent are all common, and more rarely he can take the form of a horse or a raven. His colors will shift when he takes any other form, but he will usually retain the blue-black eye color out of habit, to make himself more identifiable, unless he wishes to be hidden, in which case the lack of distinctive marks will be noted. It goes with the sidhe personality that Fin is naturally inclined to be a trickster, and while he will offer deals--like a night in the faerie court--it's unlikely he's telling anyone of the true dangers or catches in the bargains, though I will make them known to the player. Sometimes, he'll offer a freely given gift, but this is not going to be especially common out of him.

It's worth noting, for players of other supernaturally inclined characters, that Finvarra has power. It is palpable and it is real. He is, according to his canon, the King of the Sidhe in Ireland, and as such is the most powerful magical thing on the island in that world. But the nature of Milliways being what it is, if your character is of an equal description, I am more than open to discussing where Finvarra is in relation to them, power-wise, and I can be contacted at the AIM handle below. As a side note, because I hope this won't be coming up too often, iron is not especially nice to Fin. In fact, it will blister and burn his skin just like fire will to a human. If you choose to bring this into a thread, please, please talk to me first. I don't want my fae maimed beyond repair, y'all.

For personal reference/for Milliways, Finn's trollian tag is fataRegis, and the codes for said tag go thus: < font face = " courier " color = " 000080 "> < b > obnoxious typing quirk here < / b > < / font >. Just take out all the annoying spaces.

This profile is meant for non-profit RP purposes only at [info]milliways_bar, and Finvarra belongs in various incarnations to O.R. Melling and the public domain. No copyright infringement is intended.

Muse and mun are both over 18.
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